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We reveal how to write a professional CV for free. Free CV layouts and CV examples for the British market are hard to find on the Internet. Here we offer all information for free.

When creating your CV you need to decide which layout suits your experience, skill level and qualification. There are other things that will influence your CV too. Choosing the right CV layout and format is critical. You must be able to convey and sell your skills quickly and easily. There are three basic layouts which allow this.

These are:

Education CV

A person leaving education will typical employ a CV that sells their academic achievement before all else. They should emphasise experience that demonstrates transferable skills and personality that adds life to an organization.

Tombstone CV

The majority of people will employ a tombstone CV that shows a natural development of a course of time. Written in reverse chronological order the tombstone CV lists experience qualifications and achievements.

Skills based CV

Some people, such as contractors may have a lot of employment periods within a short space of time. Other people may have been made redundant and taken a backward step while selecting a professional position. Without making your career path seem it has peeked, a skills based CV is effective in selling a wealth of experience without highlighting peaks and troughs in a persons career.