Tombstone CV Example

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Interests and Activities on a CV should be the only section written in the first person.

Interests & Activities

Write a paragraph about how you use your spare time. This section will be used by a professional interviewer to break the ice and assess your personality.

A section titled Interests & Activities needs two or three lines on what you like to do in your spare time. Begin with a statement like "I enjoy . . ." and write in sentences.

Introduce a human element rather than just cold bullets. Introduce yourself as a person and be honest. The interviewer will assess your fitness and social skills from statements here. It is a very deep subject for an interviewer. This is what they see:

  • Walking a dog every day suggest good health.
  • Browsing the Internet suggest computer literacy.
  • Cooking says good management potential and
  • Entertaining friends with a meal says good social skills but not somebody who talks too much.

Sports are important too and are critical sometimes. Football suggest a good team worker but fishing says you are a loner or a deep thinker. Fishing in a team can confuse an interviewer so be careful.